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All game logs can be started or posted here, whether they're completed or in-progress.
Both prose and action logs are allowed.
Be sure to use the following format as a header:
Thread Title [OPEN/CLOSED]

WHO: the characters participating
WHAT: a brief summary of what is expected or has happened
WHERE: where the log takes place
WHEN: the date the log takes place in-game
WARNING(S): all potential triggery material (dub/non-con, extreme violence, etc.) should be listed in this section

OPEN logs can be jumped into at any time by any characters.
CLOSED logs are generally meant to be contained to the characters involved. Get express permision from them before joining in.
Be sure to tag your entries with the names of all the characters participating.
If you're creating the first tag for your character, make sure its set up in the western style (i.e. Sasuke Uchiha)


An Island Fueled By Sex

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Atia. At first glance, it is a beautiful, breathtaking place. An idyllic private island, nestled like a bright jewel in the seas surrounding it. Below, its gorgeous seaside city beckons with its captivating blend of classical antiquity and modern conveniences, with its people from all times and places and worlds. Paradise, surely, if you actually want to be there.

Indeed, most of its citizens are willingly lost within it, serving Atia, their mysterious goddess, the island's namesake, joyously. And why they serve with such abandon will soon become all too clear, for it does not take long to learn that there is but one cardinal rule on the island: Fornication for Prosperity.

It is said that Atia is fueled by lusts and passions, by needs and desires and heat and sweat and bodies and SEX. Any sex, between any gender will suffice. Many revel in these licentious escapades, thrive on what is asked of them, but for those less inclined Atia is not above offering the guiding touch of a goddess or enchantments—curses, some call them—from time to time. Because for sex, island and goddess alike ever hunger, more desperately than words can describe, more dire than any metaphor could ever illustrate. Without it, rumors whisper, all that is Atia will cease to exist.

Legends of long ago tell of such fearsome things, of prudish people refusing to replenish their world and a dying island taken by the sea. It is enough to urge the natives to do what they must; as for those who not of this island, those hand-picked by Atia herself, a different incentive awaits. A collar, fastened tightly about all their necks— any color, any material, any shape or form, yet always completely irremovable. And the longer one goes without sex, the tighter it will become. Heed the warning, for unattended, it could very well choke and slowly kill its bearer...

Welcome to Atia. Atia Amat Omnes.

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